Web development has been my primary career focus since 2004, although I was building personal sites even before that. My focus is on back-end development, with an emphasis on both security and efficiency. I don't like how a lot of modern sites take forever to load and process data, so I try my hardest to streamline functionality as much as possible. Below are some of the sites I've worked on over the years.


Allmoxy has been my primary job since 2008, when I took the site I was working on for one cabinet door manufacturer and expanded it to be marketable to the entire industry. Allmoxy is an ERP system which allows business owners to create large, customized product lines containing many attributes that can then be offered to their customers. It supports customer management, payment systems, production lines, inventory control, and has dozens of built-in reports to facilitate smooth operation with an emphasis on lean manufacturing principles. It also communicates with external applications such as Zapier to allow additional integration with existing systems.

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Furniture Training Company

I built the original version of Furniture Training Company when I was working for Letterpress Software back in 2006. Many years later they hired me again as a contractor to implement a number of new features and expand their ability to add new clients. It is being used all across the country and abroad as one of the best educational systems for training new furniture sales associates to perform better.

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